Laboratory for the analysis of legislative production in the city of São Paulo (Brazil)

Brazil is a federative republic in which the municipalities have broad legislative and administrative powers, legislating on matters that concerns local interest. The São Paulo City Council, which is the local body of the Legislative Power, developed in partnership with the University of São Paulo a laboratory for the analysis of local legislative production. The laboratory offers public access to the Laws. The Municipality of São Paulo enacted a total of 4579 laws between 2000 and 2020. The retrospective (ex-post) analysis of the São Paulo’s legislation identified that in this period, 8% of the enacted laws did not produce effects due to lack of regulation, 20% of the laws submitted for sanction by the head of the Executive Branch received a full veto and 8% received a partial veto. The Judiciary invalidated 2% of the laws and 5% of the laws were revoked. The laboratory opens research perspectives on the impact of norms on strategic areas and specific thematic directions.