La judicialización de la política y el problema de su indeterminación conceptual.

Judicialization of politics implies, as a general feature, the social propensity to submit various private and public matters to the decision of the magistrates and, correlative to said collective dynamics, the institutional vocation of the judges to assume themselves as deciding subjects of those matters. However, a correct approach to the notion of the judicialization of politics, leads us to warn in a preliminary, that such phenomenon suffers a constant vagueness in its use in academic settings and in public discourse. Even, in certain occasions, the concept is used to identify undue interventions of the courts in matters traditionally assigned to the political powers. Indeed, the difficulty in determining the contours of the phenomenon is based on the fact that the judicialization of politics refers to several interdependent processes with asymmetric characteristics that developing in juxtaposed planes, which require their differentiation and particular analysis.