La hermenéutica del dolor y los criterios para interpretar el derecho con sentido de reconciliación

Hermeneutics as an art of attributing meaning, in the specific case of legal
hermeneutics, has constructed rational criteria of interpretation of law whose purpose is to reproduce authority. These criteria have given rise to an idea of ​​truly unique justice captured by an abstract entity that is the State. This rationality, rightly identified in the rule of law and with reasonableness in the constitutional state, has favored the subjects who demand judicial proceedings and those responsible for administering said justice,
the feeling that this is the exclusive property of a single subject .
There is another feeling of justice in the so-called transitional justice: the truth in the reality of war is not rational and its content is emotional, its object is to approach the reconstruction of an amorphous truth and relative to the pain of loss and of feeling of revenge; the truth, that is not the exclusive property of who is right, is constituted in an end to achieve reparation.