La evolución en el sistema interamericano de la doctrina del margen de apreciación

This document portrays the reception of the doctrine of the National Appreciation Margin in the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, also characterizes each of the thematic in which the use of the margin of appreciation proceeds or is prohibited. The preparation of the research is based on the theory of MAN developed by the ECHR, because it can considered as your production site. Under this understanding, the margin of appreciation is observed as a transregional theory of the law of human rights. The work consists of three parts, the first of which will respond to the enunciation of the theory of law of legal transplants, to explain the application of the Margin of Appreciation doctrine, in principle,foreign to the ISHR, then the Margin of Appreciation will be addressed in the ECHR and the reception of the latter will be incorporated into the the ISHR, and it will be finalized with the reflections that the investigation.