Keeping the internet safe during the pandemic – COVID-19 and the rise of cybercrime: who is monitoring the situation? (crime)

With COVID19, an increasing number of people are working from home and spending time online. Thus, Member States had to face, not only the virus, but also cybercriminals. Whilst, cybercrime did not appear with the virus, the virus did however offer more opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit the situation and take advantage of the vulnerabilities and fear of individuals. In Czech Republic, the Brno University Hospital was hit by a cyberattack, which forced the hospital to shut down its entire IT network and to postpone urgent interventions. In Germany, national health authorities were victims of a scam when buying face masks. In France, phishing attacks have seen an increase of more than 600% between end-February and end-March. The present contribution aims at shedding light on the impact of the Coronavirus on cybercrime and fundamental rights. It inquires whether Covid19 might constitute an opportunity for change and alerts to the dangers of the full digitalization of society.