Justicia transicional y la jurisprudencia de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos contra Mexico en los casos de desaparición forzada de personas

In some Latin-American countries, included Mexico, violence and enforced disappearance are an endemic problem . What should States do in order to prevent this gross human rights violation? Alongside its contentious competence, the IACtHR have started to deal with this problem under a human rights paradigm, developing an important case law on this issue. However, the IACtHR has dealt with enforced disappearance in Mexico identifying three different periods and types: enforced disappearances with a political background, enforced disappearance mainly related to drug trafficking – committed by individuals, enforced disappearance committed by State agents but not under a political paradigm.
Thus, this paper will deal with the IACtHR jurisprudence in cases in which enforced disappearances are addressed underlining the importance this case law has in connection with the transitional justice process Mexico is living.