Justicia social y DESC: el tratamiento dentro del Constitucionalismo Transformador

At the level of economic, social and cultural rights, social justice within the constitutionalist State has been a benefactor at the level and exercise of guarantees in the field of application. Today, the rights of Social Justice correspond to constitutionalist roots that are based on the exercise of protectionism. Ferrajoli said it well at the time when he discerned that Principalist Constitutionalism was the precursor of constitutional theory being changed. In that same order, it is where the social and democratic rule of law builds a fairer and more equitable legal order in the social reality.
Under this understanding, the rights of Social Justice are the basis and essence of Human Dignity and, therefore, find their essential justification in the Transforming Constitutionalism, based on the idea of fulfilling the constitutional promises of social justice.