Justice, Coming to a Screen Near You (The English Ren(e)dition)

As Covid-19 cause mass disruption the world over, justice systems – and courts specifically – had to respond quickly to the challenges presented. The response in this regard has been varied, not only from one jurisdiction to another, but also in terms of differing needs and demands across differing court sectors. This paper will provide an overview of the digital delivery of justice in England and Wales since March 2020, when the most stringent public health measures came into force. The focus is on the extent to which the accelerated digitalisation of court proceedings has both served, and also hindered the administration of justice. Reference is made to comparable developments and experiences in Commonwealth jurisdictions, and a critical analysis lays bare important lessons and challenges for the future. It remains to be seen what the lasting impact of this new digitalised mode of justice will be, and whether digitalised justice, is indeed justice served.