Is This the Last Pandemic? (Public) Health as Constitutional Value

During past year a new branch of public law aroused in many countries, the branch concentrated on a fight with coronavirus. Creating laws of which this branch consists can be considered from, at least, two perspectives: the perspective of social sciences researching the decision-making, and of the jurisprudence.
The first premise, on which I base my paper, is that in the second realm, the realm of legal application of constitutional norms in liberal-democratic legal systems, the public health as one among many constitutional values dominated the rest. The second premise of my paper is that the public health shall have such, dominating, position only exceptionally, because its constant domination would supress other values, including those even more important for liberal democracy. The conclusion is that – if as some claim such pandemics happen often in the future – our legal answer to them shall be more modest in regard of the restriction of other fundamental constitutional values.