Internationalised Conflict Resolution and Constitutional Reform in the Shadow of Conflict – Ukraine and the Donbas Conflict

The Maidan revolution triggered a political reform process in Ukraine with significant achievements, but some of the required constitutional changes are yet to be made. At the same time, the armed conflict in the Donbas led to the conclusion of the Minsk Agreements under the auspices of the OSCE and the Normandy Quartet. As part of the Agreements, the Ukrainian government committed to constitutional reform to implement decentralization of power and to enter into an inclusive national dialogue. To date, the Agreements have not been implemented fully by either side, and have raised concerns of unconstitutionality. The aim of the paper is to examine the interplay between the internationalised conflict resolution effort and the broader constitutional reform process in Ukraine. As such, the paper highlights the competing demands and irreconcilable features of the two processes, and demonstrates the risks of premature constitutional reform commitments in conflict resolution settings.