Intergovernmental relations during the pandemic and beyond: an even more centralisation for the Italian regional system?

This paper aims at providing an analysis of intergovernmental relations in the Italian regional system during the pandemic. The main purpose is to highlight differences between the Italian regional system and other classical model of federations such as Germany and Canada. Italy has witnessed a centralisation and the practice of intergovernmental relations has shown this trend in continuity with the past two decades after the 2001 Reform. Afterwards, the Italian Constitutional Court (ICC), the financial crisis and lastly the pandemic has strengthened the centre. The Italian Recovery Plan (PNRR) may represent an additional aspect to take into account, since central government will play a prominent role as coordinator, while Regions will play the executive part. Through the lens of intergovernmental relations, the Italian regional system appears still in search of its identity and it has been proved by recent proposal of constitutional reforms.