Human Rights Protection vs. Reconciliation and Creating Constitutional Solidarity: Commensurate or Competing Goals?

Achieving sustainable peace and reconciliation in the wake of internal violent conflict is a laudable social goal, and vital to creating social solidarity. So is the guaranteed protection of human rights. But is there inherent conflict between the attainment of these goals?
While it might seem that the protection of human rights is commensurate with the achievement of resolution of violent conflict, there are often conflicts between the realisation of these two goals. In the long run, the sustainable protection of peace, particularly in intra-national ethnic or religious conflict, is best predicated on the equal protection of rights including non-discrimination and religious freedom. However, in the short and middle-term these are often at odds with each other. Constitutional power-sharing arrangements between two factions in a civil war are often the key to the parties’ agreement to the peace settlement.