Human Rights Due Diligence and the challenges of the Data Economy  

The Data Economy, based on technological innovations rooted in new data collection and processing possibilities, promises the blossoming of new products and services. However, such an economic development model brings some critical human rights challenges. In this sense, there is an increased awareness of the incompatibility and unfitness of the current human rights framework to respond to such challenges. In this work, we confront the challenges posed by the Data Economy and the solutions provided by the Business and Human Rights approach. More specifically, we verify the adequacy of the Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) as proposed by the current state-of-the-art literature to respond to the challenges posed by the emergent Data Economy. For this, we provide a detailed account of the HRDD process and explore the literature mapping the human rights threats of the Data Economy. Our work provides vital insights concerning the necessary adaptation of the HRDD to the Data Economy.