¿How can we be building a global constitutionalism without a state, in the context of contemporary globalization? An inquiry

Globalization is considered to have made nation-states lose, or are losing their “sovereign” character in national and international politics, due to the emergence of administrative political entities that are disputing this political power such as large companies (multinationals) or private corporations, or even “global cities” as global economic agents. This new type of sovereign entities is impacting the model of Rule of Law, by competing with the legal systems in the national-states framework, in how these protects persons, rights, and fills some duties of the states.
In this sense, ¿how can be building a theoretical possibility of a global constitutionalism in non-state legal scenarios, based on the construction of a proposal for a mandatory protection, within the framework of Globalization? This paper aims to reflect on the possibilities of building this theory, having in account the relationship between democracy and constitutionalism.