Horizons of freedom in the political world. On the freedom of the state, assembly, and speech in the context of Niccolò Machiavelli's republicanism.

The research subject of the paper will be freedom as a value of the political world. The research question will be whether freedom is possible only limited by the horizons of institutions, and is freedom inextricably linked with the political world? Considerations on this subject will relate to Machiavelli's republican concepts. He referred to the tradition of the republican thought of antiquity and such thinkers as Aristotle, who defined politics as the action of free people in the public sphere. This freedom is the possibility of expressing different opinions, thanks to which the diversity becomes a whole. Referring to Aristotle, Machiavelli pointed out that the republic is the rule of the free people over the free people and emphasized that in the interest of power, it protects freedom because it is the source of its strength. Thus, civil freedom determines the power and freedom of the state.