Health and equal protection of women during the pandemic. The role of the public law.

The Pandemic caused by Covid 19 – like every emergency moment- has taken the inequalities to an extreme. The protection of women’s health, as well as equal treatment at work and in the times of life, has not been completed.
Is it still time for positive action? Or should the principle of equality be rethought following other ways? Is it enough to apply a genre principle of proportionality?
Public law must take charge of a rethinking of guarantees and promote the protection of life of times as a right to the well-being and full development of the human person, dignity or the right to happiness, which are contained in many Constitutions and which represent the key to once for this new and perhaps more effective gender protection: treating different questions in a different way, but protecting everyone so that they reach the full development of their potential. The core of the protection must focus on the relationship between equality and difference, this is the challenge.