Green innovation in the SMEs sector, investments and the future of European public law: the role of the European Investment Bank.

Crises such as pandemic are likely to have a detrimental effect on SMEs. The biggest impact on their functioning will be in terms of “long-term” consequences if any structural public policy is not taken into consideration. Thus, policymakers will need to adopt a more proactive role, coordinating new industrial efforts for coupling domestic capacities with the dynamics of Global Value Chains. Thus, the EFSI’s experience has inspired InvestEU, the Commission’s new MFF 2021-2027. The EFSI of the future will also play a key role in the NextGenerationEU package. Capital support to SMEs is open under all policy windows of InvestEU and it will contribute especially to the EU priorities of the green transitions. In this context, which will be the future role of actors such as the EIB and the EIB Group? How will they be coordinated with National promotional banks/entities or financial intermediaries and dedicated vehicles?