Governmental xenophobia targeting the internal “Others” in Europe

The instruments of enforcing the strategy of “governmental xenophobia”, even though being used mostly against foreigners – the migrants, ale also implemented towards another category of minorities, who have been part of European societies for many centuries, living here legally and peacefully: the Roma people. The type of hostility and demonization of that group is not significantly different from the treatment of migrants: the main difference may consist of the fact that, as far as the Roma are concerned, there are at the moment no special categories of crimes “tailored” for them (although we could identify some of those practices in the past). And yet, statistics of detentions, arrests and punishments of Roma clearly indicate that this group is targeted by the government’s punitive treatment. Thus, Roma are also “the Others” of Europe, subjects to “governmental xenophobia”. The proposed paper analysis in detail the phenomenon of “governmental xenophobia” against Roma in Europe.