Good Governance and Human Rights Limitations in the Fight against Covid-19: The Case of Vietnam

The success of Vietnam in controlling Covid-19 has been linked to the advantages of the centralized state under the Communist Party and acknowledging the public interests over individual rights. In this regard, Vietnam’s perspective of a restricted rule of law and protection of rights during the period of Covid-19 is seen as being successful. Besides, the achievement of Vietnam is based on the exercise of good governance principles, which include openness, transparency, responsibility, public participation, and social consensus. The authors believe that thanks to applying the principles of good governance, the excessive human rights restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic have been blurred. While the application of good governance principles in an emergency should be encouraged and is a good practice that Vietnam should share with other countries, the excessive limitation of the rule of law and human rights would create a bad premise for the country in Vietnam in the coming years.