Global North, Global South and citizenship dis/trust

The multiplicity of non-hegemonic elements that act in the construction of distrusted South-of-the-Globe citizenry can be traced back to historical colonial oppression and to the construction of orientalisms and, why not, ‘meridionalisms’ that build two different hemispheres of rights and rightful governance. With the politization and legalisation of social phenomena such as migration, security, and ‘multiculturalism’ other pathways for the imposition of the colonial-like rules are generated by praxis of mistrust and alterity that are connected to the presence and activity of untrustworthy and half-citizens, the ones that despite being nationals do not belong.
Taking into consideration the secutirary praxis of the national administration in neutralising untrustworthy demos, this paper will focus on the analysis of British legal praxis when it comes to the deprivation of nationality, right of abode and settlement of borderline citizens.