“Full Coverage” Record and Review System: a Study on the 2nd Annual Report of the NPCSC’s Record and Review Mechanism

To meet the requirements by the Nineteenth National People’s Congress, its Standing Committee discussed and voted on the report of the Legislative Affairs Commission on the record and review work annually. This practice has emerged as a “routine” system. The annual reports are not only to describe what has been done in the past, but also to express future-oriented ideas on “strengthening the record and review system”. The 1st annual report, highlighting “icebreaking feedback on review suggestions”, described how the mechanism comes into the public sight. The second one presented a more comprehensive and systematic roadmap of the development of the record and review system, “including all normative documents into the scope of record and review”. “Full coverage”, “systematization” and “the leadership of the NPC” are the three keywords for the 2nd report and the clues to expand the review in the lower congresses.