From Hero to Zero: Distrust in Government under Jokowi’s Regime

In the beginning, President Joko Widodo (known as Jokowi) was considered a new hope for democracy. So when running for the 2014 Presidential Election, public support flowed extraordinarily. Jokowi was Indonesia's new hope after the reformation movement in 1998 did not make much difference. Jokowi was known as an anti-corruption figure, not a party leader, and opposed the dynastic political ideas. However, during Jokowi's first period (2014-2019), his government policies did not significantly meet public expectations. Even after being confirmed as elected president for the second period (2019-2024), Jokowi had chosen a surprising policy. President Jokowi was involved in weakening the Corruption Eradication Commission's thorough revision of the law. This paper is intended to illustrate Jokowi political movement and what does condition that makes public distrust into his regime. Jokowi has changed from who is expected to bring goodness to be an ordinary politician from hero to zero.