Freedom of Peaceful Assembly in Russia: Constitutional Model and Post-Constitutional (D)Evolution

Beside the Russian Constitution the Public Assembly Law (PAL) regulates the freedom of peaceful assembly (FPA). PAL unites constitutional provisions, the federal and regional laws, the case-law of the Russian Constitutional Court (RCC) related to the implementation of the FPA. There were serious limitations on the FPA by the legislature. At the moment there are ten judgements of the RCC on issues of the FPA. The international human rights instruments have vital importance for protection of FPA in Russia. Therefore, the presentation will provide an overview of systemic problems of the implementation of the FPA in Russia; it will be focused on the analysis of differences in the interpretation of the FPA between the RCC and ECtHR; as well on the analysis of the scope of the FPA and national legislation in the light of documents of the UN Human Rights Committee, reports of the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to FPA and association, as well as leading cases of the RCC and ECtHR.