Freedom of information (FOI) during the pandemic: a reasoning from the Italian case.

FOI laws are particularly important for a healthy democracy (Sunstein, 2018) as part of wider transparency policies (Pozen, 2017) where the right to information (RTI) is a fundamental right which should be intended as comprehensive of both request- driven and proactive approach. RTI should be read together with other kind of guarantees such as clear motivations from authorities for policies and administrative acts enacted. These considerations are ever more important in the pandemic period when states impose restrictions on basic freedoms (Banisar, 2020): for citizens to evaluate the proportionality of such restrictions, bases of accessible and open data related to pandemic should be available. From studying Italian case where the FOI suspended after the beginning of the pandemic this study wants to outline that when the policies enacted were not transparent, public confidence and a collaborative relation between society and the public institutions could not be achieved (Meijer, 2014).