Foundations, function and procedure of constitutional reform: analysis of the reforms made to the 1993 Political Constitution of Peru

This paper examines the foundations, reasons and procedures of the multiple reforms made to the Peruvian Constitution of 1993. Its intention is to organize and better understand the dynamics, as well as the entire landscape, under which the set of constitutional reforms carried out so far has operated, reaching a total of 27 (from 1993 to 2022). In this understanding, the fundamentals that emerge from the various reforms are: (i) fundamentals related to strengthening the separation of powers and democracy, (ii) fundamentals to affirm the normative value of the Constitution, and (iii) fundamentals that channel social and cultural demands; with respect to the functions are: (i) democratic function, (ii) content actualizing and amplifying function, and (iii) symbolic function. And the procedures used are: (i) representative mechanism and (ii) democratic mechanism.