Femicidio en México. Diez años después del caso Campo Algodonero (González y otras)

It is indisputable that Mexico is experiencing an unprecedented wave of violence and serious violations of human rights. In addition, that country has historically been marked by the severe crisis it faces concerning to violence against women, and specifically to femicide. Although, for almost 10 years, since the judgment issued by the IACtHR, in the Cotton Field case (November 16, 2009), sat down the foundation for the Mexican state in its duty to prevent, sanction and eradicate violence against women, the truth is that to date there remain many concerns to evaluate a significant progress in the matter.
Thus, this paper aims to analyze the good and bad practices developed by the Mexican state as of the issuance of the judgment, to determine the significant progress in fulfilling its duties derived from its commitment as a state party to the American Convention of Human Rights and compliance with the decisions of the Court.