Fake Democracies: Democracy Undermined by Fake News

Occidental democracies had been consolidated after the II World War, and have been reasonably stables since that time. However, technological advances allowed the rise of new ways of democratic participation, demanding a revision of current theoric and structural categories. Internet became an useful tool of social participation in many countries, but also the closest enemies of democracy have been updated by Internet. Social medias allow the massive and fast sharing of informations, being able to damage the democracy by the spread of fake News in electoral campaigns. One of the main elements for the healthy democratic environment, the access to high quality informations, is undermined by fake News. The investigation’s object, through the hipothetical-deductive method, is how to treat the menaces caused by fake News in electoral periods; rethink the structure of democracy in order to suppress or reduce the effects of this new threat, is fundamental for the Public Law in changing times.