European Social Pillar, European Social Citizenship and trust/distrust: Which news?

In 2017 the European Pillar of Social Rights was proclaimed at the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth. The European Pillar has been put forward in several new directives to create a general framework. This means that many of the powers and tools are in the hands of Member States. Firstly, the questions arise whether this framework will lead to revolutionary new national measures concerning fair working conditions and social protection for workers that exercise their right to free movement and if it will restore the trust in national and European institutions. Secondly, the question needs to be asked whether this framework will lead to a renewed role for the unions. On the one hand the right to collective bargaining has been undermined, due to distrust by the public authorities, especially since the crisis. On the other hand, there is the issue of misrepresentation of workers. Since the changes in the labor market, the unions do not reflect the current international society.