Ethical leadership and migration: a laboratory of dilemmas

Martti Koskenniemi, 9 years ago, wrote that sovereignty “articulates the hope of experiencing the thrill of having one’s life in one’s own hands.” Yet, the recent 'backlash' against liberal ideas and institutions of global governance has triggered a vivid discussion among various experts and scholars regarding the phenomenon of 'populist sovereignism' its causes and dynamics. Under this framework, the paper aims to explore the effect of the challenging phenomenon of ‘populist sovereignism’ upon migration policies. In particular the paper will address first how ‘populist sovereignism’ appears to obtain a strong dynamic among states that stands between the statists and globalists understanding of sovereignty, as it has been reflected in their attitude towards the UN Global Compact on Migration. And second the paper will explore the role of the limited it is true, paradigms of ethical leadership as a counter compass of governance and normative resilience.