Electoral Jurisprudence in Nigeria and the Burden of Trust of the Judex: Deconstructing Gubernatorial Decisions of the Apex Court

Since 1999 and debut of the 4th Republic, the Judiciary has played considerably roles in the determination of who governs. In the discharge of this constitutional duty, there has been distrust of the judiciary and this is easily situated within the concept of justice with its slants. This is compounded by the dominant Machiavellian doctrine.The political class is pitching the citizens against the judex on its decisions. This paper intends to do a critical analysis of judging, justice and the constitutional role of the judiciary in Nigeria in the determination of electoral victories.The analysis will identify the sociology of the decisions and effects on the electorates. Judiciary’s understanding of political questions doctrine and how the judex has navigated same will be addressed. Deconstruction of the narrative and the perception of distrust of the judex by the citizenry by appropriately pigeon hole the distrust with the political class. The paper will come up with recommendations.