El reconocimiento del derecho de acceso a la información de interés público como derecho fundamental, en la jurisprudencia constitucional y administrativa chilena a 10 años de la promulgación de la Ley Nº 20.285 sobre acceso a la información pública.

The principles of probity, transparency and especially the right of access to public information are control mechanisms of the authority. In 2008, Chile established a new regulatory framework for this right with the promulgation of Law No. 20,285. In 2018, the presentation of a new Bill aimed at modernizing institutional management and strengthening probity and transparency in the Forces of Order and Public Security. As a result of this and from the concept of fundamental right that is proposed, this paper aims to examine the regulation of the right of access to public information in Chile, its importance, legal nature and jurisprudential recognition given to it by the Chilean Constitutional Court . The foregoing, to then point out the main challenges to which this right is still faced and whose compliance will strengthen public management, open government and democracy.