El problema de la dificultad contramayoritaria en la Corte Constitucional ecuatoriana

The purpose of thi paper is to contribute to the debate on the counter-majoritarian difficulty or countermajority objection attributed to the judges, trying to build a satisfactory response in democratic terms regarding the judicial review. It will be provided with an analysis of the most relevant ideas, betting on a contextual defense of the judicial review that allows us to avoid the most incisive criticisms. By means of an approximation to the application of the principle of proportionality in the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court as a
legal instrument that may be relevant in order to demonstrate a degree of rational and controllable intervention of the jurisdictional body over the work of the legislator and the Executive, it will become evident that special relationship between the main actors of the democratic game announcing that the dreaded countermayoriti difficulty is a problem absent in Ecuadorian constitutionalism.