El Estado y su supervivencia desde el Renacimiento: una categoría histórica o absoluta?

The State, from its origin, experienced tensions of different intensity, which in certain cases seemed to compromise its subsistence, but overcame them through transformations.
The last century was prototypical: Nazi totalitarianism and the universal state; Marxism with its failed conception of state extinction; the so-called failed states; the migrations that blur the borders; the attempt to restore the EI Caliphate.
At present the population of the world are subject to states, although the majority of the people does not integrate states in which the rule of law and democracy prevails.
There is a new Public Law, product of the overcoming of the borders between internal and international law and of the confluence of Constitutional and International Law in all its facets (fundamental human rights, humanitarian law, etc.).
That globalizaed Public Law, founded on the principles of civilized nations, it will be instrument with which the state can reaffirm itself as a permanent category.