El Constitucionalismo Transformador en México (The Transformative Constitutionalism in Mexico)

Social transformation is a commitment assumed by the Framers of 1917, so it can be said that our constitutionalism has always been transformative. The agenda of transformative constitutionalism in Mexico has gained momentum in recent years, following a number of progressive rulings issued by the Supreme Court. However, it is important to recognize that the promises of the Constitution of 1917 concerning the implementation of social rights have not been fulfilled. Therefore, constitutional justice must be turned to this matter. Mexico is experiencing a period in which a great social transformation is announced, in which transformative constitutionalism has the opportunity to become a reality, because as Klare explained a long time ago, the transformation can take place in a suitable political and social conjuncture. In addition, it needs continuous popular participation without which it cannot be carried out.