Educación al servicio del constitucionalismo “De cómo hacer cosas con la constitución y no desfallecer en el intento”

The absence of materialization of popular sovereignty is not an exclusive issue of contemporary constitutionalism, but has been present in the historical becoming of constitutional law; in its early, ancient and medieval manifestations, and in each of the phase of constitutionalism.

While in the ancient, medieval constitutions and in some stages of constitutionalism,
no express reference is made to popular sovereignty, it is estimated that the elements that determine it concur in these constitutional events under the dual vocation of resist and participate, proper to constitutional law, which is tried to accredit through a strategy of historical and deductive analysis.

Finally, the need will be raised for universities, in consideration of their teleological nature, to contribute, through processes of popular literacy in constitutional culture, to the real and effective realization of popular sovereignty.