Early Lawfare in Mexico: the desafuero process of 2005

everal authors have approached lawfare from different approaches, problematizing the processes in which a legal war is built, materializing asymmetric power relations that have cut the scope of the so-called liberal democracy, until explaining how it was inserted in the political and jurisdictional arena. Its neutral character has already been analyzed and the possibility of approaching it conceptually from above or below as a strategy that can be used by the right or left. Martins affirms that using the law in a subverted manner makes the denial of law and rights visible, from an intermestic or glocal perspective. Britto also emphasized the power of lawfare as smart power and its effect, not only to discredit and proscribe political leaders but also popular movements, in this sense two questions can be problematized: how is this legal war unfolded in Mexico to dismantle, proscribe and discredit movements? And what effect does lawfare have on the rights of the masses?