e-enjoyment of fundamental rights and social responsibility

At the dawn of the Internet, the digital sphere of life was an appendix to the analogical one in which to carry out few activities.The affirmation of forms of interaction such as socials has started the transferring of analogical activities on the web:the pandemic has accelerated this process and has made the digital dimension the only one in which to exercise many fundamental rights.The resonance offered to any kind of expression, regardless of its reliability, has already shown that it can threaten the integrity of democratic systems (populism) and the protection of public health (fake news on vaccines).Therefore, in a hyper-connected world, it’s necessary to reassess what social responsibilities arise from the exercise of freedom of expression of citizens and politicians, with respect to their contacts or their voters; freedom of press by newspapers, that should not feed fake news; freedom of enterprise by socials, which should fight the abuse of informatic tools on their platforms