Distrust, philosophy and constitution. Critique of forms of life as a new perspective for critical constitutionalism

I would like to present current Polish constitutional crisis within the conceptual framework proposed by prof Rahela Jaeggi (Critique of Froms of Life, Harvard 2018). She presented a theory that would allow substantive critique of forms of life (i.e. basic elements of social life) in a way that wouldn’t be completely external to them – which takes into account meanings and contexts that the very form of life generates and fulfills. In the course of her analysis, the philosopher gives a number of criteria of forms of life as problem-solving entities, through which they can be assessed. I would like to apply these conditions to the Constitution during the ongoing crisis and present the critique of forms of life as a perspective for critical constitutionalism and to argue that change of Polish Constitution in regard to the crisis shouldn’t be seen as sign of weakness, but as a way to present Constitution as a problem-solving institution – in order to regain trust for public institutions.