Distrust in public institutions as a post-communist phenomena in Albania – The need for a new social and political thinking

Political distrust appears to be the norm in new established democracies after ’90 revolution in Europe, which remains still high after almost 30 years. Given the alienating experience of decades of communist rule, this lack of trust could simply reflect the slow progress away from the ingrained legacy of distrust dating back to the communist period. In this paper I will try to argue how and why after so many constitutional and legal reforms on political and judicial system there is still no trust in public institutions. Despite the considerable number of corrupted judges and prosecutors removed from office the citizens do not yet believe that justice system could be efficient and trustworthy. There is also distrust before each electoral process by political parties and also by the citizens The distrust exists between institutions too which raises more concerns about the level of democracy and rule of law. It asks for a social and political rethinking.