Distrust and regulation on lobbying in V4 countries

In the legislative process and conceptual decisions of the government, public interest discovery, projection of the possible effects and costs of the regulation to be made plays a big role. This is not only a condition for better regulation and impact assessment, but also for democratic, transparent decision-making. Social and political trust in open legislation is due to the presumption that lobbying, within a regulated framework, fosters democracy and quality legislation. The V4 countries have different levels of social trust, according to confidence index data, despite their similar history, which explains why the legislation on lobbying (and the level of corruption) varies across the four countries. Although all states are involved in multilevel European governance, not all of them want to comply with EU institutional rules on lobbying. How will Homo Fidens become Homo Fidesz or Fidelis populus? The analysis seeksan answerthrough lobbyingrules on the futureof democracyin V4region.