Dissent in International Law and the Need for Cognitive Revolution and Mutual Cognitive Liberation: The Deconstruction of Legal Fictions of the State and the Corporation with Original Nation Approaches (ONAIL)

This paper aims to offer the prophetic vision to the construction of an alternative world based on cognitive transformation and mutual cognitive liberation. Specifically, the Original Nation Approaches to Inter-“National” Law (ONAIL) scholarship urges the construction of the system of law which ennobles the rights of people and the natural world, i.e., organic and biological entities that exist in an objective reality, over and above the rights of the state and the corporation, i.e., legally-constructed, fictional entities. ONAIL exposes the fictional and ephemeral nature of the state and corporation, delegitimize their existence, and promote the construction of an alternative system of law. Further, the ONAIL scholarship promotes the federated, global network of the close collaborative relationship of organically-composed, free association of communities that have to be constructed on the basis of preserving the dignity and autonomy of people through mutual support and mutual aid.