Dismantling the US Property Doctrine in the Name of Planet and People

The western legal concept of property is chiefly responsible for planetary destruction, obscene wealth inequality, and the blockading of basic human needs such as food, water, shelter, healthcare, and a livable climate. This paper will showcase how the United States system of property-centric law has equipped the corporate class to be able to undermine and oppress the health and welfare of ecosystems and human communities. Interwoven into the narrative will be examples of how property friendly doctrines such as the US Constitution's Commerce and Contracts clauses along with corporate constitutional rights routinely tip the balance in favor of property over rights. Lastly, the paper will highlight the community rights movement and its aim to dismantle the property doctrine by driving in a new legal and governmental framework that secures greater decision-making power at the local level and legal rights for ecosystems along with neutralizing property friendly legal doctrines.