Disinformation and Black Campaign on 2019 Indonesia Election – Freedom Speech vs Protect Election Process

Social media shifts how people campaign during election. Although campaign in social media did not always end up in a good way, since election participants could possibly use social media to boost up black campaign. Black campaign could take shape as hate speech or disinformation. We learned from India, Brazil and Philippine’s election. However, combating disinformation and black campaign also relate to protection on freedom of speech from person and also political party/ presidential pair that involved in the election. The ability to campaign is protected right for election participant. The election process also need to be protected because it may lead people undermine electoral process, if the Indonesia Election Supervisory Board failed to response disinformation on election that has been spread out. In the mean time, needs to balance its conduct to protect people’s right to be informed about election and ensure that the spread of disinformation shall not harm electoral process.