Disciplining Free Expression and The Rise of Authoritarianism in Indonesia

Discourse of authoritarianism in Indonesia’s 20 years post Soeharto has been rising. The discourse has been shaped by the role of the state which had been involving in hijacking democracy and silencing free expression. While on the other side, stronger supporter of a conservative and anti-pluralistic brand of political Islam which increasingly open repression and disempowerment of political opposition.
Heufers (2017) calls as authoritarian populist, while Power (2018) emphasized on Jokowi’s authoritarian turn and Indonesia’s democratic decline. I would argue differently in adding their works, which I call as neo-authoritarianism in Indonesia. These affect to human rights situation in the country, although in the early years of Reformation changed dramatically from one of cautious optimism to something which currently may be described as desperate. This paper unravels the turn of authoritarianism from the specific cases related to free expression, academic freedom and press freedom.