Direito processual penal coletivo: A tutela penal dos bens jurídicos coletivos: direitos ou interesses difusos, coletivos e individuais homogêneos

The classic paradigm of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure is not adequate to combat crimes that affect the interests of the whole community. This perspective promotes innumerable questions in Criminal Law and, consequently, in Criminal Procedure, due to the lack of effectiveness in the protection of the interests of society.
The book intends to trace the peculiarities of “Collective Criminal Procedure”, covering both the Civil and Common Law systems. The proposal of (re)thinking the problem of enforcement of Criminal Law is useful for a deeper understanding of criminal prosecution, questioning about the very phenomenon of Criminal Procedure itself and elucidates the complex interactions between Collective Criminal Procedure and Law, as well as it’s consequences under the individual perspective.
Working on islands of uncertainty in an ocean of doubts, the authors wrote a book that is the foundation of its own theories and has started the discussions about Criminal Class Actions.