DialogUE: Follow-up Judicial Decisions of Czech Apex Courts after the ECJ’s Preliminary Rulings

This paper is the first one in a series of articles about the participation of Czech and Slovak courts in the preliminary ruling mechanism; the work is done within the framework of a three-year project called DialogUE funded by the Czech Grant Agency. In this paper, the authors will provide an overview and an analysis of all cases submitted to the ECJ by Czech apex courts, i.e. by the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court. In each case, our aim is to analyse: 1. the quality of the reference by the national court, 2. the suitability and usefulness of the ECJ’s answer, and 3. the quality and persuasiveness of the national court’s follow-up ruling which transposes the ECJ’s answer into the case at hand, and thus into the domestic legal order. The focus of our research is on the last – third – stage of the process, especially since national follow-up rulings are often unknown to the EU law community due to their unavailability in other than the national language.