Determinants of Anti-Trafficking Efforts: Cyprus

The report focusses on the Republic of Cyprus (RoC), but it also pays attention to areas not under its effective control (TRNC). In the RoC, international law and standards are key determinants that contribute to anti-trafficking efforts – especially monitoring of compliance with international law and standards, and the government's willingness to avoid reputational damage. Amongst negative determinants, political unwillingness to commit to sustainable change and the inability of the authorities to enact this change have hindered anti-trafficking efforts.

In the TRNC, while international law has had some impact on anti-trafficking efforts, this has been indirect because of the lack of recognition of the TRNC by the international community (which has also contributed to other negative determinants, including political instability and increase in illicit economic activities). Instead, the most impactful positive determinant has been the active lobbying against trafficking by CSOs.