Desertion, Resistance, Exodus and Civil Disobedience: “Enclosures” of the “common” in the human right to adequate, healthy and sustainable food in the context of imperial globalization

We will analyze the violation of the human right to food. This is a right whose most severe aspect of rape is hunger. Overcoming hunger is the second goal of the UN Agenda 2030. In 2018, Brazil returned to FAO’s Hunger Map. On the other hand, according to the FAO, Brazil will be the largest exporter of agricultural products in the world until 2022. According to Ziegler, there is no shortage of food. The problem of hunger is the access. Food, today, is not a right but a commodity. The financial speculation of food is a new form of “enclosure” and one of the main factors for the growth of prices of the basic basket. The concentration of 85% of the food traded in the world, in the hands of only four companies, makes these agents have great political force. Against this authoritarian form of biopower, a common movement is emerging that, in its manifestations in the world forums, demand democracy and access to fundamental rights. Even if democracy is in an eventual context of death.