Democracy’s Destruction from the Inside: authoritarian rings and the role of constitutional interpretation in democratic backsliding.

The main purpose of this article is to demonstrate that in scenarios of democratic backsliding, changes in constitutional interpretation can be as serious as constitutional amendments. Those interpretative changes do not have to be a result of an abrupt break down, but they may be related to the recovery of non-official meanings and parallels practices that circulate and determine the functioning of certain autocratic institutions, specially in scenarios of recent transition, like those of Latin America countries. In other words, the interpretative deconstruction of democracy does not have to be initiated from the outside, by a permeabilization of narratives of populist groups outside the State, but they can start from within. Metaphorically, it will act like a hidden virus, which takes advantage of a moment of special weakness to attack. In case, the fragilization of the institutions would be the milestone for the outbreak of interpretative changes.