Democracies in the shadow of the pandemic: elections during the public health emergency in the Visegrád countries

The corona virus crisis lead to severe restrictions almost globally, and amongst several fundamental rights, right to vote was also concerned. Should we organise elections under the same terms, as earlier? Or should we adapt the voting system with technical rules to the new challenges? Or should we extend the system of postal- and electronic voting to minimise the number of personal meetings as much as possible?
The answers of the Visegrád countries will be examined, and on the ground of this comparative assessment, certain insights would be provided about the expected future of the electoral procedure, which may bring the spread of the postal and electronic voting, as well as the introduction of several new technical rules. Finally, alternative electoral regimes would be elaborated, which would ground on the combined elements of the traditional voting system, by additional public health requirements, and also by the extensive application of the postal- and the electronic voting.